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info @ veganupcycledcrafts.co.uk


I created Vegan Upcycled Crafts because I believe in the power of conscious consumption. 

The products are carefully sourced from artisans who share my values and are committed to using recycled materials, reducing waste, and promoting ethical practices.

Each item is thoughtfully created and reflects my commitment to sustainability and conscious living. 

Email: info@veganupcycledcrafts.co.uk

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'Upcycling' involves repurposing discarded materials to create products with higher quality and value than their original form, reducing our reliance on new resources.


By choosing upcycled goods, you can make a positive difference in the world helping reduce the demand for new resources that contribute to environmental depletion.

Upcycled | Handmade | Eco-friendly | Sustainable | Cruelty-free

Email: info@veganupcycledcrafts.co.uk


Certified Vegan Founded Business.

Website: veganfounded.org/veganupcycledcrafts

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